Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer {Keri + Mark}

I am not sure where to begin with this post for it is very special to me in so many different avenues.  To start, Keri is my baby sister, so there's that and to be the one to photograph her engagement session is a true blessing.  I am beyond excited and so happy for my sister.  She found her soul mate, her lover...her best friend and I am pretty sure, no I am 101% sure Mark feels the same way.  I do not get to see them very often, because of distance, but when I do see them together, all I can do is smile.  After years of trials and tribulations, my sister has found true happiness.  It might have taken them a long time to find one another but they would made for each other.  I love you sis and I am so incredibly happy for you.  XOXO ~ M