Miss Samantha and Bailey::S and B {Salvation Mountain}

Where do I start with this shoot?  First, I have to say I did this session over two years ago.  Yes, I said, "Two Years Ago".  To my defense, it was a personal project for me and back when I did this shoot, I had just recently moved to Northern CA. I was commuting to San Diego to still work and when I say, "commute", I mean I was driving from Santa Cruz to San Diego and back. Now, not daily, of course.  I am not that crazy. But I had spent endless hours in the car and LA traffic, now that is a whole lot of fun, not so much.  You would either see me singing at the top of my lungs,  taking a nap at a rest area or extremely irritated. Staying with different friends, living out of a suitcase and let's not forget my mobile office.  I was the breathing the definition of discombobulated. It was hard.  Needless to say, I was really behind in all of my post production and just my business in general for over two years.  I felt like I was drowning, just trying to catch a breath. I yearned to have that feeling at the end of day, you know that feeling I am talking about? That, "I'm Done" feeling.  I just recently started blogging again and have been quickly reminded of how therapeutic it is for me. So, here I sit writing to all of you about my nutty life. I wouldn't of changed a thing, for I am the happiest I have ever been.  I married my best friend, my confidant, the one whom makes me laugh continuously (I LOVE to laugh), my soul mate. I have two amazing children, that I miss daily. Taylor is in Reno, working on starting his career after graduating from University Nevada Reno last spring.  Bailey is in her third year at Northern Arizona University and is studying abroad in Italy right now for her spring semester.  I miss them. But, I love watching them grow, explore, love and laugh.  I have been blessed with three amazing, beautiful and unique stepdaughters. My life is full, maybe a little nutty at times, but I'll take nutty over normal any day.

Now on with this super fun shoot we did at Salvation Mountain.  Honestly, I had no business shooting something personal at this time in my life. But, we must do things for us to stay sane and motivated. I had the best day, not only was it something I never get to do, but my subjects, how could I not want to spend the entire day shooting them?  Especially being one of them is daughter Bailey and the other one is her best friend Sam. {AKA S&B} These two met in high school and are so much fun together.  How much fun to have a photo shoot with one of your best friends? We started the morning off early with hair and makeup.  Kudos to Briana (you kind find Bri on Instagram @briananicole13_) and your incredible talent.  Belinda of Pinkys Pix shared her vision and you ran with it; stunning work.  I cannot take credit for the styling, only my photos. Belinda had a vision, as she always does, she's really good like that and look what happened next...Enjoy!!!  XOXO ~M

Hair and Makeup: Briana Nicole Beauty :: BrianaNicoleBeauty13@gmail.com