Nevertheless, She Persisted {Maggie Class of 2017}

"She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted."

Meet Miss Margaret Grace Miller, otherwise known as "Maggie".  I have known Maggie for over seven years now and the quote that I quoted is quite accurate for this young woman.  She is passionate, persistent and determined, hence the quote, but, most importantly Maggie has a very tender heart.  Always making sure people feel special and loved. Maggie is a Senior at Aptos High School where she has excelled in her academics.  She has been on the Aptos High School Dance team since her freshman year, putting her heart and soul into her dance, as well as the team.  Because of Maggie's achievements throughout high school, she has opened numerous doors towards her future.  She looks forward to hearing back from the numerous elite universities she has applied too.

Maggie the time you have left as a senior will go by quickly; embrace it.  This is your time.

We are proud of you and the vibrant young woman you are becoming.  XOXO ~ M